Typically the Lottery Meets Network Marketing - Get Paid, Win Or Lose!

We've all heard the saying "life is a numbers game. " How about this for a significant quantity... $225 Billion! That's the worldwide estimated gross annual lotto sales. The lottery is BIG business, but how how can we get an item of the action and increase our chances in sharing in a sizable pay out? I am about to tell you how you can possibly do just that!


Did you know that one third of lotto jackpots are won by syndicates, or lotto private pools? It's true! Your chances of earning go up with the number of tickets purchased. There is power in pooling. We all do it every day to make us more efficient -- airline travel, over night packages, and so forth Things just work better men and women incorporate resources. You can use the power of pooling to increase your likelihood of sharing in a lottery jackpot as well.


In many lotto pools, there are two ways to join. You can join as a team player and you will obtain a percentage of the ticket winnings of your team. In our lotto pool, if you join as a team player, you will be posting from 64 lottery tickets each month in the Mega Millions lottery -- one of the nation's https://www.lottospielen24.org/ greatest lottos! You will be put on a team with seven other players and will share in that team's winnings. You can purchase lotto tickets at face value. Other lotto pools may operate differently with regard to team player ticket purchases and sharing in pool earnings.

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The second way to participate most lottery pools can be as a team captain or Independent Marketing Representative (IMR). With this option, you have the chance to build a team and make additional income while also sharing in any of your team's winnings. In our fetta pool, we play the Mega Millions lottery, and since a team IMR, it will be possible to keep 50% of anything you personally win and will only be sharing the other 50% of your winnings. Of course , if someone on your team wins, you win a portion as well. As a team IMR, you can grow your team as large as you want while earning monthly commission rates for doing so. The effect could be that you might have hundreds or thousands of chances to win in every sketching! Again, other lotto private pools can have different rules with regard to commission revenue and winnings sharing for their team captains or IMRs.


If you are like me and revel in actively playing the lotto, why not increase your chances of earning the top one while making an additional income? It's a win-win situation! The energy of pooling! Get paid, win or lose!